3 Things I noticed on my college visit to the University of Washington

A large part of the college search, such as research programs, professors, and even learning about clubs and campus activities, can take place online nowadays. While that can be a great thing, there are still some things that you just cannot find out about online. For those readers who are already heavily considering attending certain … Continue reading 3 Things I noticed on my college visit to the University of Washington


How to deal with parents when applying to college

I am terrified. I am the type of person who likes to present myself as capable and confident -- like I can do anything. I like to think of myself as pretty independent, and I rarely like to ask for help. Although most of the time I want to seem strong, the college application process … Continue reading How to deal with parents when applying to college

The 5 Best Colleges for the Public Health Major

The Public Health major entitles to learning about the prevention of disease and to promote health on different scales. This could include a small scale such as a community, or a global scale such as different countries around the world. There are many schools that offer this major, but here are the 5 best colleges for the Public Health Major. #PublicHealth #CollegeMajors

How to Find the Perfect School During Your College Search

Do you need help refining your schools in your college search? Every school can offer excellent academics but sometimes they may not fit your personality or life wise. Here are some effective ways to find the best fit school.

3 Great Colleges for Undergraduate Engineering

Learn more about some of the top colleges with undergrad engineering programs. Each school holds different opportunities for aspiring engineers. Find the school that’s right for you!

Top 7 Colleges For Foreign Language Majors

Those that speak more than one language are at an advantage than those that don’t. College is a great place to learn a new language. This post provides the top (private and public) colleges for Foreign Language majors.

Top 10 Colleges for Communications Majors

A Communication major is broad enough for you to have countless options after graduation. Courses in journalism, mass communication, public relations, and advertising will guide you to success within the government, healthcare, Internet Marketing, mediation, nonprofits, business administration, and more. Here is a list of the current top ten universities in America for a Communication Major, along with their course requirements.