The 5 Best Colleges for the Public Health Major

The Public Health major entitles to learning about the prevention of disease and to promote health on different scales. This could include a small scale such as a community, or a global scale such as different countries around the world. There are many schools that offer this major, but here are the 5 best colleges for the Public Health Major. #PublicHealth #CollegeMajors


How to Get Past Academic Discouragement in Difficult Classes

While taking a plethora of difficult classes, students may become discouraged and may feel incapable in comparison to some of their peers. This can affect their motivation and their ability to perform well in certain classes. This article provides ways that students can push past the discouragement and find confidence in their academic performances.

4 Differences Between High School and College Classes

College classes should not be feared! Here are 5 differences between high school and college classes, with some tips.

3 Useful Note Taking Tips for Students

Whether your teacher is giving a lecture or you’re studying for an exam, note-taking will always be an essential part of the academic experience. However, students may find themselves unsure of how to take notes effectively and efficiently. This post discovers tips to keep in mind when taking notes.

3 Ways to Bring up Your Grades at the End of the Semester

In the midst of a stressful school year, you may find yourself stuck with grades that you are unhappy with. Here are some tips to help bring your grades up.

Five Steps to Studying More Effectively

When the teacher announces that there is going to be a test on said day, your first reaction may be to freak out, then the girl next to you leans over and says “we need to form a study group” you agree and next thing you know, you are now in a study group. Congratulations. … Continue reading Five Steps to Studying More Effectively

Five Apps Every Student Should Have

Apps every student should have…or at least know about. We all have those apps that are just fun to have but aren’t really useful education wise. You know exactly what I’m talking about: Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. You might say that we use them for education, but I think teachers would beg to differ. I … Continue reading Five Apps Every Student Should Have