As you finally start to get into the swing of things when the back to school adjustment period is over, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything going on. With so many activities and classes to keep up with, it can be hard to let yourself take a break and really relax. These suggestions are ways to de-stress while still getting things done and helping yourself out. These four ways to de-stress can make your high school workload seem so much easier.

Take a Bath

While taking a shower may help you to rush from activity to activity, opting for a bath every so often can give you the chance to have a nice break while still getting stuff done. Just sitting and relaxing while doing assigned readings or less work-intensive homework can make a huge difference in how calm you feel as you are knocking all of your assignments out.


Exercising might not seem that helpful when you’re feeling like you’re drowning in schoolwork, but it has so many benefits for your mind and well being that it becomes so worth it. If you’re into the science behind why exercising will help you so much during the school year, you can check it out here. If it feels like a lot, exercising for even a small amount of time can help you to re-energize and stay sane when the workload keeps building up. Another way to incorporate schoolwork into exercise is to record yourself reviewing a concept, and then to play it on repeat as you work out. Even saying it out loud is a great way to study, but hearing it as you work out certainly can’t hurt.

Study with a Buddy

It’s pretty common, at least in my case, to hear friends talking about how they can’t study together without getting distracted. If you choose the right friends to study with or keep the study groups limited to only a few so you can really get into the work, working with others can be a perfect mix of fun and work. A great way to learn something is to teach it, so having people to teach and to be taught to can benefit everyone involved when trying to master concepts, while still having the fun and calm dynamic that hanging out with friends would usually have.

Do Things You Love

Even when it feels like everything associated with the school year is way too overwhelming, it starts to feel a lot less scary when you’re doing things you love. While classes or extracurriculars may be stuck at this point, take note of what you like and what you don’t so that the following years can only get better. If you have a chance to make your life and schedule full of things that bring happiness instead of stress, why not take them?



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