Have you ever found yourself knee deep in homework, obligations, and chores? Then you may want to start bullet journaling.

What Exactly Is It?

A bullet journal is a small notebook that is used to incorporate organization and creativity into your life. A bullet journal helps you jot down the important things in your life and helps organize your life according to the way your brain works. You can use a bullet journal as a calendar, diary, to-do list, and so much more. Even though you may have seen videos of people using fancy journals or expensive pens, you don’t need them to create your own bullet journal. All you need is a simple notebook and a little bit of imagination!
One very important thing to remember before starting a bullet journal is that it is YOUR journal. Don’t compare your journals with the ones you see on Pinterest or Instagram because you are a completely different person from the creators of those bullet journals. Do what work best for you and take your time. Remember, it’s not a competition and this is just a fun way to keep track of your daily responsibilities.
Why should you start bullet journaling?
Bullet journals are a way to keep all your thoughts in one place that is easy to refer to and read. It allows you to assess your priorities and take the best course of action to complete your tasks. Your organizational skills and thought processes will also improve gradually with constant bullet journaling. Some also say bullet journaling is relaxing and therapeutic. It also allows you to take control of your life, which can ultimately decrease your stress levels.


What Goes in a Bullet Journal?

Most people begin by numbering the pages of their bullet journal to keep track of pages and to find certain information quickly. This can be a somewhat tedious task so you may want to number them as you fill in the pages. Many bullet journals also include a table of contents at the beginning. It allows for easy reference as you begin to fill in the pages of your journal. Having a key page can also be handy since you will most likely have a lot of different types of things being written down in your bullet journal. Doing so will also prevent you from forgetting or misinterpreting information.

The actual content of your bullet journal will depend entirely on you. Some people bullet journal on a daily basis with daily to do lists, while others plan out their events in monthly calendars. What you do will depend on what you actually want your journal’s purpose to be. If you’re like many people, your journal is a mixture of a lot of things. Sometimes you may use your bullet journal to jot down ideas for an essay, to write important birthdays, or to just simply doodle.

Logs are also essential pages that are present in bullet journals. There are three main types of logs: future, monthly and daily. Future logs are bullet lists where you jot down the events and/or tasks for the future. The great thing about the future log is that you can add more things to it and nothing is “set in stone”. Monthly logs are quite similar to future logs but they only focus on one month at a time. You can also add all the days of the month to help track of dates of the events that you may add. Last but not least, you have the daily log. The daily log is where you write you tasks or events down to help you stay organized much like the future and monthly log. Besides logs, bullet journals can include grocery lists, sketches, brainstorming, etc. It really is up to you as to what the content of your bullet journal includes. It may be helpful to think about the parts of your life that you’d like to be more organized in and tailor your journal to those.


Materials Needed to Start!

All bullet journals are essentially a small notebook or journal that can be purchased or may be lying around your house. It may also be convenient to have a small bullet journal if you plan on writing in it throughout the day.
You may also want to invest in some colorful, quality pens if you want your bullet journal to look more artsy. Watercolor pencils and paints are also great ways to add a little pop to your pages. But, if you enjoy simplicity then a plain black or blue pen will work too! So, don’t worry if your pages don’t look like the ones on Pinterest. Some people respond differently to notes if they are written in different colors so it’s all up to your preference.

All in all, bullet journals can be great ways to take control of your life and help prevent disorganization by collecting all the needed information that will help you with your daily endeavors.





7 thoughts on “How to Use A Bullet Journal to Get Organized

  1. Joi I just had to say that you’ve been my BIGGEST INSPIRATION for college. I always read you blog and watch your videos and it gives me hope that I’ll possibly be able to go to college with a full ride.

    I absolutely need your book and unfortunately my parents won’t buy it because they don’t really know the importance of finding ways to go to college. They’re absolutely clueless when it comes to college.

    I really hope I win because I don’t want to go to college and aquire debt, I want to go to college for free because I don’t want to put my parents or myself in debt, and ruin it for my 3 other siblings. And I really feel as though this book will be able to help me achieve that goal.

    (BTW I’m currently a Junior in high school)


  2. Hey, I saw all of your blog titles. I feel like this is God leading me to you for this senior year of High School. keep doing what you do!!!


  3. This post has been extremely helpful because it has helped my organization skills tremendously. I have started to make calendars and have been recording my assignments in a planner because this really helped me get motivated. Thanks so much!


  4. I loved your abvice hope they’ll work. Btw I’m an international student. Do I have any chance to transfer from community college to top for year university with big scholarships? Also I would love to get your book free! 🙂


  5. I always wanted to start using a bullet journal. I always go on tumblr and look at others. Its a great way of organization and I am planning on using it once I get to college


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